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Welcome to Mabuhay Miniature Painting Service


Specializing in 28 mm ready-made,  pre-painted historical wargames units

At MMPS we sell ready-made, painted historical wargames units at competitive prices.  Every unit is treated as if it were one for our own wargames collection and that is your quality assurance.

We paint  our units to a very good wargames standard. These are troops to game with; most of the time you will see them from several feet away on your wargames table.  We want them to look great at this distance and not  necessarily at a few inches in front of your face.  So if you are after collector quality figures with loads of shading and highlighting MMPS is not for you.  If you are a wargamer looking for great looking, affordable wargames units, you came to the right place!

MMPS does not paint commissions, we only paint and sell  the figures that we have in our catalog. You do not need to send us anything; we provide the figures and the painting instructions and all you have to do is give us some details and make some choices.

Our ready-made, painted units are only painted when you order them, we do not keep stocks of generic, painted units. Painting every unit to order gives us a lot of flexibility in getting you exactly what you want. But it also means that there is always a bit of a wait  while we paint your figures. We usually manage to keep this wait  short but at times it can take more than a couple of weeks before we can send you your painted troops. Do not let that stop you, the result will be well worth the wait!   

At MMPS we are all about quality and customer satisfaction.  Give us a try and find out for yourself. Enjoy your visit of our website and thank you for stopping by.